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Vessel is a brand that is distinguished by its global character, carrying out a constant effort to enhance Guatemalan traditions through the selection of handcrafted textiles in contemporary design garments for timeless women. This is how Vessel escapes the trends and ensures its permanence for the new consumer of Slow Fashion


Our process is designed in such a way that it can have an intense quality control in each step of the process. From the creation of the concept of each collection, which is directed entirely by Liza, our creative director. First we choose the general concept and inspiration, then there is a mood board that gathers all the information regarding the topic we are researching. In that same step we select the textiles that will better work in this new collection, usually from a region or more regions of Guatemala. We proceed to the product development ,to weave or to embroider the textiles and start making the samples. Our designers work simultaneously designing digital prints, embroidery design, etc. In each Vessel design can collaborate 4-7 people, only in one garment, inlcuiding designers, pattermakers, sample makers, artisans, etc. We work with more than 60 communities in Guatemala under FAIR TRADE, offering a better kind of living. Each garment is measured in a real person to offer the best fit. Our promess if to give the consumer the best design, the best quality at a fair price.


  • Creative Process

  • Artisans & Fair Trade

  • Product Developement

  • Happy Customer

Una publicación compartida de Vessel (@vesselcollection) el

Una publicación compartida de Vessel (@vesselcollection) el

Una publicación compartida de Vessel (@vesselcollection) el